Thank you for your interest in participating/exhibiting at the 1st Annual Forest Hills Feast. We are now accepting 2019 applications from Forest Hills businesses, restaurants, bars, shops. Please fill out the info below for considerations and someone from our team will reach out to you!


Advertising space:

Qty (1) 10x10 space / Festival Tent

Rental Cost for 10 x 10 Space & 2 6ft Tables is $300

The tables do not come with linens. The $300 rental cost is non refundable.

*Social Media Requirement

We’re requiring that vendors must have a social media presence. This will be a requirement in order to register for the feast. We have a Social Media director; who will be working with your teams social media coordinator, in order to manage a better presence online. Our social media experts will be relaying things going on at event live onsite. So it crucial that we’re able to work together as we will be recommending posting at scheduled times, in order to give your brand presence at the feast.

Vendor Name *
Vendor Name
What category is your business in *
If selling food. then we will need the number associated with your business given to you by the Department of Health
Phone *
enter the # to contact you directly for festival needs
Name of your team's Social Media
Phone or email to allow us to communicate with your teams social media content
Your company's facebook URL
Your companies Instagram handle
I understand that The Forest Hills Feast is a community effort and that I will be a part of the promotional team *
I understand I will be part of the social media campaign and will post important social media content and be a part of social media efforts from the Forest Hills Feast Team. *
I am able to hang posters in store window and highly viewed areas within my establishment and have flyers in store as well as other promo materials to support the event. *
I will put on a weekly newsletter to my email list to come to RSVP for the Forest Hills Feast. *
I understand there is a set up fee for maintenance and important event costs in order to advertise my establishment all day at the Forest Hills Feast street fair. *
You'll be given an allotted space. To better accommodate your business; we would like to know what your bringing to your station.
200 character limit